Eating vegetarian…?!?

5 11 2013

The most interesting thing about my CSA is that I’m finding it so much easier to cook vegetarian meals.  Don’t get me wrong — I LOVE meat, but with so many veggies, I’m not finding it necessary to eat a lot of meat because my current meals fill me up so much.

Now, I am a BIG fan of bacon.  A few weeks ago I got savoy cabbage and broccoli rabe in my Fresh Box and didn’t know what to do with either of them.  I have never had savoy cabbage before and this is what I love about this Fresh Box; there were plenty of recipes to inspire me to put this dish together.  I took two of the recipe ideas and put them together.  And here we have it:

Whole wheat pasta with savoy cabbage, broccoli rabe, and bacon in a garlic white wine sauce

2013-09-29 12.57.22

2013-09-29 13.25.17

Happy eating!