Fajita night!

5 09 2013

I was SO excited to get today’s Fresh Box from Alan’s Orchard.  Every month they also do a ‘spice of the month’ in partnership with the Savory Spice Shop in Westfield. What I love about this program is that it features recipes every week, and these went very well with the spice of the month: Fajita Seasoning! It’s called the ‘family seasoning’ because it’s mild enough for kids to enjoy. 

I picked up my box after a successful first day of school and before even looking in the box, saw that the spice was a fajita spice and automatically knew what to make for dinner. The question was .. what KIND of fajitas? This week’s box came with red and green peppers, onions, eggplant, and portobello mushrooms .. so I considered a veggie fajita. But in the half mile from Alan’s Orchard to ShopRite, I decided to stop off and get some beef (pre-cut ‘for stir-fry’, for the ease) and I picked up some tortillas and some shredded cheese. I also picked up a box of Spanish Rice and a container of Annie’s Organic refried beans.

While the rice cooked with some tomatoes, I cut up four peppers and two onions:


Then I cooked up the beef with the fajita seasoning. I set that aside and kept warm. Then I cooked up my peppers and onions while I warmed my tortillas and warmed the refried beans.


After about 40 minutes of work (pretty good timing for me!) I had this nice spread to choose from:


It seems I have a lot of the rice / veggies variety.  After I finish off the steak I might cook up some shrimp for more fajitas, or anything else I find in my fridge!


Happy eating!




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