The Perfect Shot

2 05 2012

I still have blog ideas to recap my travels in South Africa, and posts/pictures from Cape Town are coming soon, I promise!  Here’s a little story for you to hold you over for now:

On our last night in Johannesburg, we were over a teacher’s house for dinner.  Johannesburg is very hilly, and I was sitting near the front of the van on our way back to the school/boarding house.  You could see lightning miles away and since the whole city is so elevated, the lightning and thunderstorms are that much more beautiful. I turned to Sana (one of my fellow student teachers) and told her that my new goal as a photographer was to get the perfect picture of lightning. We got home and I literally ran out of the bus to go to my room and grab my camera.  I wanted to get as many shots as possible before it actually started raining (it was only drizzling at this point).

Now, I’m no professional photographer.  I have a nice camera and know how to use some features for the main photography that I do (dance and food), but shooting outside and especially lightning, are not my forte.  So I stood outside for about fifteen to twenty minutes playing around with different settings and just clicked away every time I got the sky light up.  If I had a tripod it would have made things much easier, but I didn’t, so I had to make do.  I took a LOT of pictures. I got a lot of shots of the black sky, and two good shots. But I’m really happy with them, and of course, with editing, the pictures will be even better.  But here they are, unedited, and I’m very proud of them.  I’m thinking I should make some kind of ‘photography bucket list’ since I set the goal and achieved it all in the same day.  I only hope that the next time I encounter such great lightning storms as the ones in South Africa, I’m ready with my camera and know what to do!




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