What do we do here?

2 02 2012

I’ve gotten a lot of questions from people back home as well as the staff here at AISJ about what we do here with our free time.  Living on campus is definitely a challenge since we don’t have a car.  We get transport two days a week, and sometimes a third depending on what we’re doing that weekend.  Transport comes on Wednesday (for us to go grocery shopping and then out to dinner) and sometimes on the weekends depending on our plans.

So that leaves Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday without anywhere to go!  Surprisingly, the days seem to fly by here.  The plus side is that the sun doesn’t go down until about 6:30, so it’s sunshine for about 13 hours a day.

Most mornings I’m up by 5:30 or 6am, which is the earliest I’ve been up at a specific time consistently since high school.  I leave for school around 7am and the kids start rolling in around 7:10, and the school day officially starts at 7:40.  School gets out at 2:50 and my co-op and I walk our students up to the bus stop.  Afterwards, we finish up in the classroom, writing the ‘morning message’ for the next day as well as making sure we’re both set for our plans for the next day.  Sometimes we’ll meet briefly with the other fourth grade teachers in case anything has come up during the day that we need to discuss.

So that means I’m back in the boarding house by 4pm at the latest.  If it’s nice outside I normally sit in the middle school courtyard to do work (and most of the other girls sit outside too) and also have a quick snack.  Then by 5:30 I try to head out for a run.  I think running has definitely put me in a better mood since I’ve been here.  I forgot how good exercising feels, and one of my goals while I’m here is to focus on not only teaching but also on myself, which includes getting back into shape.

It’s 0.3 miles from the driveway at the top of the school down to the soccer field, and then 0.2 miles every lap around the 4 mini fields, so I try to run an increasing amount every day.  After I get back I normally do a small ab workout while catching up on episodes of House (I’m halfway through the 5th season, even though I know what has happened up until the current season).

After a shower, I normally cook myself dinner, and by then it’s already around 8pm.  Then add in some more lesson planning time, reading for TCNJ courses, Skyping with friends, editing photos, reading the news, and reading books, and that brings me to the end of the day!  There’s also a music room attached to our boarding house, so sometimes I get to go in there and play on the piano for a little bit, and I’m starting to work on a new piano piece.  It’s exciting because I haven’t worked on a piano piece for myself in years so I’m hoping I can make some good progress while I’m here.

Although it may not be as ‘exciting’ as going out all the time, I do appreciate the days we go out as much as the days that we stay in.  I really like having the relaxing down time and the chance to focus on myself as well as my teaching.  Plus, catching up on House makes me feel like I’m not so far away from home since I watch a lot of it on TV when I’m home.

I’ve got a lot of post ideas in my head so I’m hoping I can share those with you soon!  Until next time! (And of course, some pictures to satisfy your curiosity!)


The pool right outside our boarding house.


I absolutely LOVE our open campus.

Giraffe statues near the parking lot.

Wall mural down the hall from my classroom.

Beautiful tree right outside my classroom!

View from the soccer field .. this is what I get to look at when I run!


My classroom!!! ❤ my students.






One response

16 02 2012

Oh man! I love it! It looks so beautiful and sunny! Just so you know, we have been having the most un-winter-like weather here, ever! We’re also starting to get more sun. Obviously nowhere near as much as you’re getting in SA but you hopefully won’t miss it when you come back.

I love how you’re close to the school and part of the community!

And girl, use that pool! It looks seriously inviting!

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