Travels abound!

5 01 2012

I’m so excited!  In just under five hours, I’ll be boarding a plane from Newark International Airport to start my two-month study abroad.  While I’m gone, I’ll be using this blog as a travel blog to keep you up to date on my travels! 

Here’s what I’m doing – I’ll be going with four other women from TCNJ with the Global Student Teaching Program.  We’ll be teaching at the American International School at Johannesburg – a private, American-curriculum-based school.  The grades we’ll teach vary from Kindergarten to 8th grade, and since the schools run on an American curriculum, it’ll be very similar to teaching here in the states.  On the weekends we’ll get a chance to travel and see South Africa (and maybe other parts of Africa!) and before we return in the beginning of March, we’ll be taking a few days to travel to Cape Town and possibly other parts of South Africa.

We’re all really excited and I’ve been doing a lot of research on South Africa as a country as well as where we’ll go and what we do.  If you know anyone that has been there (or lives there), feel free to email me suggestions (  I’d love to hear any and all suggestions. 

As far as contact, we should have pretty regular internet access since we’ll be living at the boarding school.  I’ll be blogging as much as possible, as well as updating pictures and checking email and Facebook (and other social media).  We will have a temporary phone while we are here, but only for local calls and international calls in case of emergencies.  My US-based cell phone number will be disconnected while I am gone, so I won’t be able to receive texts or voice messages.

I look forward to sharing my travels with you!  First stop- the flight! We’ll be flying Newark to Frankfurt and we have a 9-hour layover in Frankfurt.  The plan is to travel into the city to see the sights a little bit, then get back to the airport in time to catch our evening flight to Johannesburg.  We’ll get picked up Saturday morning in Johannesburg by our contacts at AISJ (American International School at Johannesburg) and then probably spend the day shopping, settling in, and getting over our jet lag.

Bon voyage!




2 responses

5 01 2012

Have fun Truc Lan!!

6 01 2012

Bon voyage chuppie!!!

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