Pasta Salad (for the week)

12 04 2011

I have a show coming up at the end of the week (I’m a piano accompanist) at the end of the week, so apologies for the lack of posts recently.  Since I’m booked with rehearsals and a bunch of other obligations (class, tutoring, teaching SAT class, meetings, etc etc) all week, here’s what I’m living on for the week:


  • Sun-dried tomato basil wraps with sun-dried tomato hummus, bacon, turkey
  • Bologna sandwiches on wheat bread (with mayo or hummus)
  • Chips Ahoy, Cheez Its, and Chocolate-covered cranberries


  • Orzo with roasted butternut squash, cranberries, and spinach (blog to follow later on, once I have more time)
  • Pasta salad

My mom used to make this pasta salad each year when I did Relay for Life in high school.  It’s pretty simple and I used a lot of pre-made ingredients, so total time of preparing everything was done within the time it took me to boil water and then cook the pasta.

It’s simple and cost-effective, since it made 5 servings that I can grab and eat on the go all week.  It’s got many layers of flavor, too – tri-color rotini pasta, diced ham (I bought pre-made ham steak), diced chicken (pre-made diced chicken, Perdue short cuts), one can of cannelini beans, and mushrooms that I sauteed in butter and balsamic vinaigrette.  I used the same dressing to sautee the mushrooms that I used for the dressing on the pasta salad and the flavors all worked really well together. Here it is:

Happy eating!




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21 07 2011
…and, we’re back! « Notes Of Orchid

[…] I’m so comfortable with the recipes now.  I’ve made chicken marsala, lots and lots of pasta salad, and most recently, beef stew.  This week I think I’ll be working on some salmon teriyaki, […]

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