Chicken stewed in wine, garlic, and cinnamon

25 03 2011

I found this recipe on one of my favorite blogs, Crepes of Wrath.  It was a recipe pulled from A Good Appetite.  Cinnamon is an interesting ingredient – I thought that it might make this dish too sweet, but it was just right and gave the sauce and chicken a great aromatic and flavor.

I made this dish twice – the first time I made it, everything went directly into containers and I had it for lunch throughout the week.  The second time around, I made it for my parents when I was home for spring break.  I think they liked it, although they commented that they wanted a little bit more sauce in the dish.  I thought the amount of sauce was great, but everyone has their own preference.

I liked this dish because the spinach was cooked (so I could eat it!) and there was a good ratio of spinach to chicken to onions and noodles.  I don’t normally cook with egg noodles either, but a few of my dishes have been using egg noodles lately and I’m really starting to like them.  The dish reheated really well too, and I liked the chicken being in bite sized pieces.  Both times I made it the sauce adhered to the chicken really and the tomato paste gave it a great taste without adding tomatoes.

Here it is!  The second time around the sauce wasn’t as red as it was the first time; I didn’t get a chance to measure out the tomato paste since I was just using whatever was left in the can.  Whoops!  Still tasted great though!

Happy eating!




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21 07 2011
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