Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes

25 02 2011

Mmm!  Another month gone and another round of munchies!

I made these cupcakes upon insistence of my friend Yossef.  I planned on originally making red velvet shortbread cookies and dipping them in white chocolate, but some people seemed hesitant about the white chocolate.  The problem with frosting and shipping, though, is that unless the frosting is hard, then it’s just a big mess.  Once I found this recipe I knew that I could pull off filled cupcakes and use them for my munchies in February.

Oh what a project this was!  First I had to bake 100 cupcakes.  The first batch ended up not being so good (I greased the pan, and didn’t like how sticky the cupcakes seemed to be) so I bought cupcake liners and tried again, and these were better.  Yes, I used red velvet cake mix (Duncan Hines).  But the time I spent into personalizing these cupcakes is much more time than I would spend making the batter from scratch.  Then I proceeded as such:

Step 1: Let the cupcakes cool.

Step 2:  With a paring knife, cut cones into each mini cupcake, then sliced off the bottom of each cone, leaving a small top for each cupcake.

Step 3: Made homemade frosting and using ziploc-pastry-bag, filled each cupcake.

Step 4: Topped each cupcake with the top, and voila!  100 mini cupcakes!

(This picture came out really red since I used flash.  But you can really see the frosting peeking out from each cupcake top!)

Overall the time involved was SO not worth it for how small the cupcakes are.  But they’re cute and the munchies were all well received.  And with the frosting they tasted pretty good. It was an experience to be had, for sure.  Happy eating!!




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25 02 2011
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25 02 2011

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