Chicken with Bacon, Rosemary, & Lemon

18 02 2011

Two of my favorite ingredients!  Chicken and bacon are always a good combination.  I made this a while back, and then in December when I was home visiting my parents I made it for them for dinner as well.  I always like to cook for them when I go home since I never did when I lived there, and it’s a nice change to be able to give back to them when I can.

I found this recipe from Crepes of Wrath and the ingredients were all pretty simple.  I really like recipes where I use remaining fat from cooking bacon to cook something else, and this recipe did just that.

While I made the chicken, bacon, and sauce, I boiled some sliced potatoes in chicken stock to serve on the side.  It’s one of my favorite ways to make potatoes and boiling the potatoes in chicken stock gives it a little extra flavor, which I really like.

When I made the dish a while back, I also served some corn on the side for vegetables.  For my parents, I stuck with just the chicken and potatoes.

Happy eating!




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