Shrimp Fra Diavolo

2 02 2011

I went on a seafood kick and made this recipe that I found on the Food Network website.  It’s always pretty hard for me to find Italian-inspired recipes that fit along with the food I can eat, but this one was pretty simple and tasted great.  I bought a lot of shrimp (which I also used to make lemon basil shrimp) so had plenty of it leftover to make this!

The dish had a little kick to it which made it exciting, but I may tone down the amount of red pepper flakes next time since I didn’t really measure it out.  The rest of the ingredients were all ones that I had at hand and it was pretty easy to throw together.  I served it over some pasta (leftover from my italian bean soup) and made 3-4 servings.  Sorry for the tupperware photo – this dish went right into containers to be eaten another day.  With my schedule I have to cook when I have the free time, so sometimes I don’t even get to eat what I make until the next day!

Happy eating!




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