Packet Tilapia

19 01 2011

I made this as a quick dish for my friend Tamra when she came over for dinner and a TV watching party a few weeks ago.  I’ve cooked fish in packets before, but when I did it previously it was with salmon, and I wasn’t sure how it turned out.  I researched some other ‘packet recipes’ and took my chances.

I seasoned my tilapia with salt, pepper, and herbs de provence, and poured some diced tomatoes over the fish (or really, around the fish).  I rolled the foil to make sure the packets were sealed tight, and then popped them in my toaster oven.  The two packets fit pretty snug in the microwave oven, but that way I could keep a closer eye on the fish.  I think I cooked it for about 20-25 minutes at 350 degrees.  In the meanwhile, I cooked up some rice in my rice cooker and steamed broccoli on top of that.

When it came it, everything was great!  The diced tomatoes made a nice sauce that I used to pour over the broccoli and rice, and the tilapia came out nice and flaky and really flavorful.  It was a quick and easy dinner that I definitely recommend!  Here it is:

Happy eating!





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