How I Get By: Milk

15 01 2011

In this series of posts, I’ll take you past the food that I can eat and that I make, and a little more in depth into my life and how I get by.  I have a few topics to write about, so stay tuned for more!

Milk is one of the things that I miss the most.  I used drink a gallon a week by myself when I was younger, up until I became lactose intolerant as soon as I went to college.  Here’s a few things that I do to get by.

As far as milk goes, I’ve found that most lactose-free milks are a good substitute.  I’ve always liked whole milk, so I normally buy the whole milk, but can sometimes have the 2% lactose free milk. normally has come coupons for Lactaid brand milk so if I’m at ShopRite I’ll get that, but lately I go to Halo Farms, the local market, and buy their lactose-free milk there.  It’s cheaper than Lactaid and I love supporting the local economy.  They have whole, 2%, and skim versions.  I use lactose-free milk as a substitute in baking as well .. as far as I can see, it hasn’t changed the consistency of anything I make, but I still have a lot of discovering to do.

My most recent discovery has been the brand SO Delicious. It was recommended to me by a colleague who has a son with multiple food allergies.  The difficulty that I often run into is that I’m allergic to milk and soy, and many milk substitutes are soy.  SO Delicious offers a few yogurts that are made with coconut milk, and after a few trials and errors, I found three flavors that I like – raspberry, strawberry, and strawberry banana.  They taste pretty good and although they run a little more than traditional yogurt ($1.99/ea. at Whole Foods), the ability to eat yogurt again like a ‘real person’ is really great.

The last thing I do is carry these Lactaid pills with me everywhere.  You can never be too careful, and sometimes my body is much more intolerant of milk.  I think it is very possible to live a dairy-free lifestyle and don’t like to rely on medicine to be able to eat.  However, I keep these pills on me just in case, because sometimes I just can’t resist a great slice of pizza.  Lactaid pills aren’t foolproof, though; sometimes I’ll take a pill and still get sick, which is why I normally air on the side of staying away from all dairy.

Overall, I still miss milk a lot, and there are still some substitutes that don’t exist, like regular yogurt, cream, and some really good gouda cheese (my favorite).  Life is all about adjustments, though, and maybe one day I’ll be able to enjoy milk again!

Happy eating!




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