How I Get By: Nutrients

30 12 2010

In this series of posts, I’ll take you past the food that I can eat and that I make, and a little more in depth into my life and how I get by.  I have a few topics to write about, so stay tuned for more!

When people learn of my food allergies, the most common question I get is whether or not I can successfully eat healthy, and if I get all the nutrients that I need to sustain myself.  The simple answer: no.  I was taking a few vitamins before I went to see my new doctor (including a multi-vitamin) and after some blood tests, it was recommended that I take a few more vitamins.

So for the moment, I take: calcium supplements (Viactiv), One-A-Day Multivitamin, Vitamin B-Complex, Vitamin E, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin C.  We [my mom and I] thought the multivitamin would take care of stuff I was missing, but since I did the blood tests while I was regularly taking the calcium, multi-vitamin, and vitamin E, it’s obvious I wasn’t getting the nutrients I needed.

So here’s the daily dessert to my lunch or dinner.

And here’s the amount of supplements that I have sitting on my dresser.

Happy eating!




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