Grandma’s Dusty Millers

27 12 2010

These were the munchies for the month of December.  I made about 8 dozen cookies and shipped them out (and gave them out) … and then a week later, made a 7 dozen more cookies over a period of two days to give to my managers/chefs at PF Chang’s, as well as gave some as holiday gifts to former colleagues at Johnson & Johnson and colleagues at the rock gym.

The ingredients are pretty simple – sugar, shortening, molasses, ginger, cinnamon, flour, and a some extra sugar for rolling the cookies.  I flatten them a little before baking as well.  Using a cookie scoop helped to get each cookies almost exactly the same size.

These may have become my favorite cookies to bake – the ginger flavor isn’t too overpowering, they’re really simple to make, and everyone seems to love them.  Using vegetable shortening means that the cookie is a little less chewy and a little more crispy, which I really like.  I really like the texture of the cookie and rolling it in sugar before baking really gives it that extra sweetness that it needs.

On another note – I recently made my pumpkin oatmeal chocolate cookies upon a special order from an old friend Marissa (check out her etsy here – she makes great jewelry and I bought a bunch as Christmas presents).  I sent her a dozen and a half freshly baked cookies and can do the same for you or for others – feel free to contact me for further information!

Here are the cookies, yum!!

Cooling off the cookies on wax paper before packaging them for shipping.

I had about ten stacks of cookies this high!

Happy eating!




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