Italian Bean Soup

15 12 2010

I discovered this recipe in a Woman’s Day magazine and tracked down the recipe on their website.  I made it on a rainy day and it made about six servings.

I added some diced ham to the recipe and increased the pasta to 2 cups instead of 1-1/2.  The ham was great, but the increased pasta left me with more pasta than broth.  Next time I’ll probably leave the pasta at the quantity it was at in the recipe.  Other than that, the soup was really flavorful and very easy to make!  I’ll certainly make this again to stay warm during these cold months.

When my house didn’t have any heat, I had to stay home for the repair man to come, so I popped some leftover soup in the microwave and paired it with some garlic & herb flavored crackers for a nice lunchtime snack.

Happy eating!!




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2 02 2011
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[…] at hand and it was pretty easy to throw together.  I served it over some pasta (leftover from my italian bean soup) and made 3-4 servings.  Sorry for the tupperware photo – this dish went right into […]

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