Mongolian Beef

23 11 2010

One of my favorite blogs, Crepes of Wrath, had this recipe, and I just HAD to try it.  Mongolian beef is one of my favorite dishes at PF Chang’s and I wanted to see if I could accomplish that same great flavor by myself.  The ingredients weren’t hard to find and I figure that I should start stocking my pantry with enough Asian ingredients and flavorings to not have to worry about them every time I want to cook an asian meal.

I bought cube steak and sliced that thinly to cook.  I probably could have sliced it thinner, but I was cooking on a time schedule (I made these the same day that I made my brown sugar oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, post coming soon!) and was trying to cook as fast as possible.  I served the beef and scallions over rice with some broccoli on the side.

The sauce was a little thinner than I would have liked, and the chef at my restaurant suggested I make sure the heat is high enough for the sauce to thicken up, and maybe even add more cornstarch if necessary.  I’ll certainly do that in the future.  All in all the dish was really flavorful and the sauce was really great.  Plus, I got to use my wok, which is always something that I look forward to.

Here it is!

Happy eating!




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