Pumpkin Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

12 11 2010

These were the November munchies for my Munchies of the Month program.

The original recipe was given to me by my friend Tina, who had made the cookies for me a few weeks prior.  Since pumpkin is such a fall flavor, I thought there was no more perfect time than use pumpkin in my first batch of cookies.

And oh man, did I make cookies.  In total, I made about 15 dozen and was baking for the better part of a day.  My oven is pretty rambunctious and the temperatures vary a lot, and since I had to keep opening the oven so I could rotate racks, the temperature would jump, and it was a constant battle all day to figure out when the cookies were done, what temperature was okay, and how much longer to leave the cookies in for.  I burned a few cookies and a few came out mushy, but my housemates certainly did not mind coming home to two plates full of cookies that I did not see fit to send to others.

Some ingredients, and my fancy new standing mixer!  Many thanks to my mom for giving me the mixer!

Here’s some cookies drying on my cool new three-tier rack:

When all the cookies were finally cooled, I packed them all into 20 containers, packed those containers with wax paper, and then packed 16 of the containers in USPS boxes.  Cookies were shipped to friends and family all over the United States and hand-delivered to friends at TCNJ and to dancers in Philadelphia.  I’ve heard some excellent reviews so far and can only hope everyone will like December’s munchies just as much!

Cookies in their containers, waiting to be packed away!




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20 12 2011
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