Momma’s Chicken Marsala

2 11 2010

When I was younger, my parents taught me and my sister how to make one dish and every once in a while, make it for the entire family.  My sister’s dish was beef stroganoff, and mine was chicken marsala.  I haven’t really made this dish since early high school and I normally had help from my dad or mom, so I had to follow the instructions my mom had sent me via e-mail.  I used mini bella mushrooms, but next time will probably use even more since I love mushrooms on everything.

Since mushrooms and onions are two of the very small list of vegetables I eat, I automatically love the dish.  I love the mushroom flavor that comes into the sauce and just everything about this dish.  I paired it with rice, as I do with most dishes, and made four portions to eat throughout the week.

Pictures of mushrooms/onions sautee-ing, and chicken cooking in the sauce:

The finished product:


Happy eating!




3 responses

3 11 2010

I’m lukewarm about mushrooms, but these look pretty spectacular.

5 11 2010

Thanks!! I’ve always loved mushrooms as a kid, and now they’re one of the only things I can eat so I try to incorporate them into my dishes as much as possible!

21 07 2011
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[…] posted on this blog, because I’m so comfortable with the recipes now.  I’ve made chicken marsala, lots and lots of pasta salad, and most recently, beef stew.  This week I think I’ll be […]

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