Food adventures: Pan-seared tilapia part 2

1 10 2010

So I had more tilapia in the freezer, so I decided to try the recipe again, but this time follow as instructed and use flour like the original recipe called for. I actually ended up liking the taste of the bread crumbs better, and since this dish went directly into tupperware to be eaten another day, I think I would have preferred the bread crumbs since they heat up better as well.

This time around, I served the tilapia and accompanying lemon sauce over a bed of steamed green beans. I’m actually not supposed to eat green beans, so after they started to bother me when I was eating the dish, I only ended up eating about half of them.. but for those of you that like green beans, it was a really good vegetable to go along with the lemon sauce.

I also roasted some sweet potatoes that I got from the local farmer’s market (Trenton Farmer’s Market, if you’re curious). I had written down a recipe from an older issue of Real Simple which combined some rosemary, olive oil, and brown sugar. The sweet potatoes turned out just right and the brown sugar really brought out the flavor.

Here it is!

Happy eating!




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