Food adventures: Pan-seared tilapia, part 1

28 09 2010

I made this dish twice within a two-week period, but with slight alterations. I got the recipe for the tilapia from – it was a Bobby Flay recipe for a simple pan-seared tilapia. The original recipe called for flour, but since I didn’t have any the first go-around, I used bread crumbs, and actually think I liked that version better.

I tossed some potatoes with onion soup mix and olive oil which gave a great coating and great flavor to the potatoes. The roasted potatoes came out great and were a good compliment to the fish. I paired the potatoes with steamed broccoli (one of the only vegetables I can eat without having many issues) and the tilapia recipe had a small lemon juice sauce that I poured over the tilapia and broccoli.

It ended up being a really flavorful dish and the tilapia was lightly browned, flaky, and delicious. The lemon sauce wasn’t too strong and was a great sauce for the broccoli as well.

And, here it is!

Part 2 will be posted soon.. same recipe, slight modifications. Happy eating!




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