Food adventures: Quick Fix

27 09 2010

The hardest thing about cooking for one is figuring out to do with leftover ingredients. I made the following pasta dish with leftover ingredients from my pasta with roasted tomatoes.

I had an extra package of grape tomatoes so I tossed them with some olive oil, salt and pepper, and roasted them in the convection oven. I took two packages of “Pasta Sides” and made those, and also cooked up some white onions and mushrooms as well, and a can of green beans. The pasta side (packaged pasta, and a very easy quick fix for me) was an Alfredo flavor, which complimented the rest of the vegetables quite nicely.

Above all else, I love making things from scratch, not using things like ‘pasta sides’ and canned green beans, but sometimes, in a time crunch, I’d rather be eating something like this than getting fast food or something that’s even worse. I love to follow recipes and experiment with what I can eat, so throwing this together is more out of necessity.

Also, thanks for reading! I’m trying to start blogging at least twice a week, so thanks for keeping up with the blog!




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