Food adventures: Teriyaki salmon

31 08 2010

Salmon is my favorite fish, both cooked and uncooked. Here’s another one of my mom’s recipes, which was probably one of my favorite ‘quick meals’ when I was in high school. (I’ll post some other quick recipes here too, eventually.)

It’s simple really – just some rice, salmon filets, olive oil, and teriyaki marinade. Cooked in the oven until the salmon is tender and the sauce that remains is mildly sweet and a perfect complement to whatever vegetables you have at the moment. At my parent’s house we always seemed to have corn; this time around, I had some mixed vegetables in the freezer and popped those in the microwave.

While I made this meal, I was on a cooking kick so I was cooking a few other meals at the same time. I boiled some potatoes (description to follow in another blog) and made some mashed potatoes in an experiment, so those went on this plate for dinner too.

So here’s my (my mom’s, really) simple 20-minute dinner:




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21 07 2011
…and, we’re back! « Notes Of Orchid

[…] of pasta salad, and most recently, beef stew.  This week I think I’ll be working on some salmon teriyaki, and then next week I think I’ll work on chicken teriyaki or maybe this pasta dish.  All […]

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