Food adventures: Fried Rice

6 08 2010

I don’t have pictures to share this time, unfortunately, because I spent so much time cooking that I completely forgot that I wanted to do this food blogging business.

Last night, with a few clarifying text instructions from my mom, I set out to make her fried rice. She always surprises me with this dish when I least expect it, and it’s so much better than fried rice you’ll find anywhere else.

I took a trip to the Hamilton Filam Food store (what Filam means is beyond me) and luckily, they had the Chinese sausage that I was looking for. I got a package bigger than I expected on buying, but it worked out since I burned the first batch of sausage.

Once I burned the first slices of sausage (four links went to waste, so sad), I cooked up another batch and was pleased with the result. I scrambled some eggs and microwaved the freezer ‘vegetable medley’ (peas, carrots, corn, green beans).

Then I got to use the enormous wok that my mother so generously gave to me – it’s big, heavy, and really hard for me to maneuver. I sauteed some chopped onions and ginger (I forgot the scallions, whoops), and then dumped in 3 cups of rice. The rest of the ingredients went in – the sausage, egg, and vegetables, plus some salt for flavor. Lots of stirring and attempting to move the wok around later, I had fried rice! It made about five servings, which I’m really pleased with – I shared some with a friend of mine and he loved it!

Even though I could probably eat fried rice all day long at PF Chang’s, it’s so much more satisfying knowing that I can make it myself, and that it’s not even that hard! Next time I’ll try a little harder to not let my ingredients get stuck to the bottom of the wok, not burn my sausage, put in even more eggs and onions, and not forget the scallions. I’ll be making this soon for sure, since it’s so easy!




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